Policy and Advocacy

  • We have the capability of supporting institutions in the development of new policies, improving existing ones or challenging the development of policies.
  • We support advocacy at all levels i.e. self/individual, group, systemic and societal.
  • We also do advocacy on our own when there is an interference with the quality of life of the patient/client or healthcare provider. We do advocacy in instances when we identify any threats that makes it difficult or impossible for the desired health outcomes to be attained.
  • We can support you to make your voice on issues heard.
  • AfIHQSA has the capability of training, and developing strategic capacities as analysts, advocates, catalysts and change agents
  • We equip our publics with the necessary skills and capabilities to influence policy change and elicit commitment to action from those in authority
  • At AfIHQSA, we also monitor the policy formulation and implementation process and also engage effectively in networking & solidarity building. We are available to support or partake in coalition of likeminded institutions/agencies!