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AfIHQSA is a Pan-African institute of quality and safety. It also supports institutions to reach accreditation. It was born out the desire to bridge the knowledge and competency gap in the area of healthcare quality and safety. It is helping to address the lack of institutions on the continent that trains frontline healthcare workers in the principles and the application of quality and safety in health systems. It is hoped that, AfIHQSA will serve as that vehicle that will bring lasting improvement in health systems across Africa. We equip people with the requisite competency and skills to do quality and not to sayers!


Most healthcare institutions do not know when, where and how to start their quality improvement journeys.

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AfIHQSA applies varied approaches to assist healthcare institutions to reach accreditation.

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We support health systems in the production of new knowledge to organize...

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Skills & Competency Development

We support health systems to develop comprehensive improvement capabilities that aims at increasing.

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